Interpol Jobs 2023 – Interpol Careers Requirements

Job seekers who are searching for a career where they will get so many opportunities to save humanity from terrorism, cybercrimes, and organized crimes are invited to apply for the Interpol Jobs through our webpage. The career that so many people around the world pursue is working for Interpol, which is a chance for anyone who has always dreamed of becoming part of something larger than themselves. Interpol is presently offering many new vacancies and internships. Please read the further instructions which are included in the job description for more information.

Interpol Jobs


  • Organization Name: Interpol
  • Location: Washington, District of Columbia, US
  • Education: Minimum High School
  • Industry: Intergovernmental

About Interpol

The International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO) also known as Interpol was founded 97 years ago in the September of 1923. This organization is known as the world’s largest international police which comprises a National Central Bureau in 194 countries and 07 Regional Bureaus across the world. This organization operates by providing assistance to law enforcement agencies and organizations all across the world and focus on countering terrorism and crimes like drug trafficking, political corruption, child pornography, etc. ICPO just not function in the English language only, but also in Arabic, Spanish, and French. Presently more than 1000 employees of Interpol are operating worldwide under the management of President Mr. Kim Jong Yang and Vice President Mr. Alexander Prokopchuk. The headquarter of ICPO is situated in Lyon, France.

Available Job Positions:

  • Services Analyst
  • Desk Administrative
  • Maintenance Worker
  • Assistant
  • Risk Management
  • Cybercrime
  • Computer Technician
  • Office Coordinator
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Security Officer

Salary and Benefits

Those who are eager to begin their professional life by availing the opportunities of Interpol Careers must know that this vacancy demands an individual to be adaptable, passionate, and well equipped with interpersonal and organization skills. In return, ICPO is providing various benefits; of which a few are listed below.

  • Job Security
  • Traveling Opportunities
  • Free Meal
  • Installation Allowance
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Tax-Free Salary in Lyon
  • Medical Facilities
  • Productive Environment
  • Relocation Expenses

How to Apply for Interpol Jobs?

The Career Portal of ICPO offers a number of Interpol jobs currently available by clicking the “Submit CV Online” button. Make sure you select a position that matches your academic qualifications. In order to be considered for recruitment, you will need to create an Interpol account. When you register, be sure to complete the registration form with all the information requested, including Biographic Information, Primary Mailing Address, etc. Ensure that the required documents are uploaded, e.g., Education Attachments, Detailed CV, etc., and then submit the form. Tests and interviews will be conducted with the eligible candidates only.

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