Homeland Security Jobs Application & Internship Summer 2023

Applicants who are passionate to serve their motherland and are looking for employment opportunities where they will get to interact with the people and work for their safety are invited to apply for the Homeland Security Jobs. The recruitment team of this department is offering many new job openings to those candidates who are well-versed in new technology and are capable of analyzing intelligence to maintain the focus in challenging situations. Candidates belonging from New York, Charlotte, Seattle, Albany, Boston, & all across the USA are invited to apply for jobs with Homeland Security through our webpage.

Homeland Security Jobs


  • Organization Name: Homeland Security
  • Location: Washington, District of Columbia, US
  • Education: Bachelor’s/Degree
  • Industry: Federal Agency

About United States Department of Homeland Security

The United States Department of Homeland Security commonly known as DHS was founded 18 years ago on the 25th of November 2002. It is one of the Federal Executive departments of the United States which is responsible for preventing terrorist attacks, cybersecurity, and border security in the country to ensure the safety of the civilians. This department is known as the third-largest cabinet department which is managing various child agencies such as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Secret Service, Coast Guard, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Transportation Security Administration, etc. Presently more than 240,000 employees of DHS are operating under the management of United States Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Mr. John Tien and Secretary Mr. Alejandro Mayorkas. The headquarter of DHS is situated in St. Elizabeth’s West Campus, Washington, D.C., U.S.

Available Job Positions:

  • Law Enforcement
  • IT Project Management
  • Criminals Analyst
  • Security Investigation
  • Business Operation
  • Cyber Security
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Travel Security
  • Intelligence
  • Immigration

Salary and Benefits

Applicants who are planning to avail the opportunities of DHS careers will be amazed to know the number of facilities that this organization is offering. DHS is a very well-organized department that makes sure to take care of its employees in a very meaningful manner. A few of the benefits are listed below.

  • Retirement Plan
  • Health/Vision/Dental/Life/Disability Insurance
  • On Site Gym
  • Paid Time Off
  • Child Care
  • Employee Mentoring Program
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Job Security
  • 401K Plan
  • Parental Leave
  • Performance Bonus
  • Impressive Pay Scale

How to Apply for Homeland Security Jobs?

In order to be successfully hired in Homeland Security Jobs, you simply need to take the additional steps. To begin, you will need to create an account on USA JOBS. You can check the number of jobs available after signing up. Consider the vacancies that match your qualifications and interests. Read the job requirements carefully and then prepare your application by including all the details required. Attach the documents and then submit the form to the agency. Remember that the application goes through multiple levels of review which takes time. Interviews will be conducted with qualified candidates.

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