Dubai Police Careers 2023 – Police Recruitment in UAE

Are you looking for a job opportunity in Dubai? The Dubai Police career has opened up a wide range of exciting and rewarding opportunities for job seekers of all backgrounds and qualifications. Whether you are from India, Pakistan, the UAE or any other nation, you are sure to find a job that suits your skills and experience. At the Dubai Police Force, you will be part of a diverse and dynamic team. The organization offers competitive salaries and excellent benefits, along with opportunities to grow and develop your professional skills. So, don’t wait any longer. Take this chance to make your mark and join the Dubai Police Force today!

Dubai Police Careers


  • Organization Name: Dubai Police
  • Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Education: High School Degree
  • Industry: Force

About Dubai Police

Dubai Police Force (DPF) is renowned as one of the most advanced and innovative law enforcement agencies in the world. With a team of over 17,000 skilled and qualified officers, the DPF has a well-deserved reputation for being at the forefront of police technology and techniques. Dubai Police was the first to use fingerprinting, DNA testing and GPS tracking to identify and track stolen vehicles. Their cyber response center is among the most high-tech in the world and they are planning to implement a police station without any human force, relying instead on computer systems to provide service and answer queries. To make life easier for residents of Dubai and its outskirts, DPF have also recently released their very own mobile app. In sum, the DPF is a shining example of a law enforcement agency on the cutting edge of technology and innovation.


Their employees have access to various benefits, which may vary based on job title and level. Some common perks include:

  • Competitive salary
  • Timely compensation
  • 7-hour workday
  • Opportunities for expatriates
  • Annual bonuses
  • Medical insurance
  • Housing

Qualification Required for Dubai Police Jobs

People who aspire to join the esteemed Dubai Police must be well-prepared for their recruitment process, as the department is known for having one of the toughest selection standards. To even be considered, applicants must have completed a minimum of twelve years of education, with Arabic as their primary language and English as their secondary language. Additionally, having a degree or certification in Information Technology or Engineering may be advantageous to applicants.

How to Apply for Dubai Police Careers?

Applying to the Dubai police force may be a rare opportunity. While the process may seem daunting, it’s relatively straightforward – simply review the job descriptions and apply for positions that match your qualifications. We’ve included a link to the Dubai Police Careers page where you can submit your resume and browse available positions. You can also find the latest job listings here.

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