AT&T Careers 2023 – American Telephone and Telegraph Jobs

Are you looking forward to work in a telecommunication company? If yes then please go for AT&T Careers. They are offering fantastic job opportunities to both freshers and experienced employees. You may apply in this organization for both full time and part time work positions. You can send them online job application with the help of this post. If they find you suitable then they will definitely call you for further hiring procedures. Currently, they are providing jobs to Lubbock, Biloxi, Gulfport, Memphis, Jackson, Bakersfield & across the USA.

ATT Careers


  • Organization Name: AT&T
  • Location: Dallas, Texas, US
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Industry: Telecommunications

About AT&T

AT&T is a famous and successful American conglomerate holding multinational organization that is basically headquartered in Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas. This company is known as the largest telecommunication firm in the entire world. This is the most established provider of mobile phone and fixed telephone services. It is also playing a lead role as the parent company of WamerMedia which is a mass media conglomerate. It ranked on 9th position in the race of top companies in Fortune 500 rankings in terms of total revenue generated per year in the USA. It is the subsidiary of a well-known organization that is known as “Bell Telephone Company. It was founded by Alexander Graham Bell in the year 1877. Today, this firm is having more than 273,210 employees.

Salary and Benefits

It is true that AT&T is one of the best organizations in the USA. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that ATT jobs provide to their workers.

  • Sick Days Off
  • Paid Leaves
  • Health Insurance (Dental and Vision)
  • Training Programs
  • 401K Plan
  • Vacations
  • Employee Discounts

How to Apply for AT&T Careers?

Are you interested in applying for AT&T Careers? If this is the matter then please hit the button below and submit your CV online today. You will be amazed to get a job experience in this firm. To get proper chances of interview call, please make sure that your resume is short, updated and informative. It should carry all the points about your hobbies and interests. It is supposed to contain those things as well which are disliked by you. You must tell about your personality in your resume with full courage.

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